How to DIY Your Graduation Pictures

Watch this video to learn great tricks on how to DIY your graduation pictures at home. Graduation is a monumental period in life that needs immortalization. Getting sessions at a professional studio can be very expensive. Furthermore, time may limit you, the number of photos you can take, and the freedom to let yourself be a free spirit.

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Change this by doing your photo shoot at home with these simple tips. The even better news is that you don’t need very sophisticated cameras and lighting to get the best pictures.

Lighting is the most important thing when you think of taking pictures at home. Spend quality time setting up the lighting and testing it with the camera until you find what is perfect for your shoot. Use lighting to create different themes and textures as you have fun at the photo shoot. With lighting well set, play around with a variety of poses. Take shots from different angles and distances while tweaking the lighting to get a wide variety of outstanding pictures to select from. The next trick is improvisation. Use papers and ribbons to make prop certificates for the perfect visual effect. While at it, take quality shots from different angles with your gown on and without it, play around with your graduation cap and have fun while you do it. Remember to focus on the face during the photography and smile to get the perfect graduation pictures that tell the story of a happy ending.