What Are Cooling Towers Used For?

Industrial cooling towers transfer heated or cooled water for re-use in industrial settings. Hot water will be taken from an outside course and pumped through the system. Usually, the outside source is a nearby body of water.

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The hot water goes over a mechanism called “the fill”, which is in charge of spreading out the water. Expanding the surface area allows for the water to cool down more effectively. Cool air then blows over the fill, causing more heat to evaporate from the water. Then the hot air will be able to exit the tower, and the cooled water can fill the basin. As the water is used, this cycle will repeat.

This can be used for HVAC and industrial services that use water in their functions and product creation. This is a cost and energy-effective way of cooling and re-using water. Water cooling systems are also used in industries like power, petroleum, petrochemical, gas processing, and food processing.

Some towers can be delivered to a company and installed right there. If your company needs a larger cooling tower, it can be installed onsite. Reach out to a cooling tower company today to learn more about the process of making and using them.