Difference Between Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement

Men in blue. That’s how most of us know them. However, there’s a distinct difference between federal, state, and local law enforcement. It’s not only in their uniforms but also in their jurisdiction.

Video Source

The YouTube video”Why Are There So Many Types of Law Enforcement” differentiates them. It’s easy to get confused.

How to Tell Law Enforcement Apart

Let’s start with the local police. These officers have jurisdiction over their city. For example, if a crime occurs in Miami, the Miami police department will be on the scene. Each city in the United States has a local police department. There may be several police officers in various parts of the city. Also, in the US, there isn’t a universal uniform for all police officers in different cities. County and municipal police departments are responsible for designing their uniforms.

Now let’s take a look at state officers. Sheriffs are responsible for crimes that happen within a county. So how does a county differ from a city? Well, a county may have several large cities and some small towns. Finally, federal law enforcement has jurisdiction over national crimes. These officers may include the FBI or the CIA, to mention a few.