When You Might Need Golf Cart Maintenance Service

Keeping a golf cart in good condition might not seem that important, but it is a motor vehicle like any other. You don’t want to have to take your car in for repair too often, and the same should go for a golf cart. Here are some things to do to avoid needing a golf cart maintenance service and to know when you need one.

The first step to take is to safely store your golf cart. This is especially important in the cold off-season when you won’t be driving it often.

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Most carts have an option to turn off all the electrical components. This is important because leaving them on can drain your battery after sitting unused for a long amount of time. You might end up having to replace the battery if you don’t do this.

You should also have a safe place to store your cart to avoid rusting on any exposed metal parts. This will stop your cart from degrading over time and keep it looking new for many years. You might need to seek out service to replace a battery or to repair the awning if your cart is stuck out in the rain. Try to care for your cart so these things don’t happen.