What Is PET Preform Manufacturing?

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a unique type of plastic used to make bottles and other containers. It is a clear, lightweight, strong, and flexible substance with good chemical resistance. This material makes pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food and beverage products. But how are these products made? This video shows the viewer what the manufacturing process of PET preforms involves.
The PET preform manufacturing process is a two-step process involving producing PET pellets and forming PET preforms. These pellets go through a process of injection molding.

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They are fed into the injection molding machine, heated, and then melted into thick liquid plastic molds. Afterward, the mold is cooled and solidified into the desired PET preform shape.
The second stage involves the preform reheat. The preforms are moved to a molding machine and heated until they become malleable. They are then stretched by being pushed with a stretching rod and a high pressure blown into the preforms to expand them. The preforms fill the bottle mold in the same shape as the desired product. After that, the demolding process is done. The preform mold is cooled and then opened to eject the bottles. These preforms can also be molded to form various products.