How To Maintain a Garage Door

This video of how to maintain a garage door goes over the process of the proper maintenance of garage doors. The residential garage doors services are of utmost importance for the proper working of doors. Thus, it is best to do monthly maintenance checks of the door and by following the steps in the owner’s manual.

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At the beginning of the monthly check, it is best to start with checking the door balance. This can be done by closing the door and disconnecting its carriage from the belt. Once done, lift the door manually and if it stays in place, it means the door is working properly.

Then, check the photosensors of the door by waving below the door to check if it will stop it from closing. Consequently, it is good to check the hinges and lubricate them if needed or tighten them. After that, make sure that the batteries of the remote control are changed and working properly. Additionally, the backup battery of the door should be checked if it has enough power.

Finally, it is best to check the garage openers if they have become a bit saggy. However, this can be easily fixed by strengthening its turnbuckles.