Job Duties of an Antitrust Attorney

Antitrust law is important for both business owners and consumers. If a company grows too large, its abilities and profits become unfair to smaller competitors. This is where antitrust law comes into play. Antitrust attorneys combat these illegal business practices.

What does an antitrust attorney do each day? Here are a few of their job duties.

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1. Work directly with business owners and corporations
2. Provide legal support for business transactions
3. Draft, review, and negotiate business contracts
4. Provide excellent customer service to clients and partners
5. Project management duties
6. Research

An antitrust attorney will need a few years of experience in the field before they can be a practicing attorney in this particular legal field. Experience is important because antitrust laws regulate business practices. They promote competitive markets and business competition so it may remain fair to all businesses in the country.

Antitrust attorneys work with associates as well as partners in a legal firm in this legal field. They will work together to draft business documents, take businesses to court for unlawful practices, and more. They work hard to ensure all businesses have fair access to the business market! Fair competition is important for businesses, more than we think!