What NOT to Spend Home Improvement Money On

If you’re in the process of building a new home, you have probably already heard a host of advice on what you should do during this fun process. However, has anyone told you yet about the things you should NOT do? This video takes the liberty of explaining a few things to avoid during the design process of your home. Taking advice from home design and remodeling experts can help you avoid headaches in the future!

The first tip this expert has is to not waste too much money on paint. While shelling out for the highest-end paint can seem tempting at first, it really doesn’t matter at the end.

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Don’t go for the lowest quality paint, and you should be in the clear and find yourself many options to work with! Also, if you’re using a building company as opposed to a flooring company, this person recommends just going with the base level carpet option, as they tend to al, be quite similar when they come from builder companies.

If you follow these tips, plus the other tips shared in the video, you should find yourself at or below budget on our new home and happy with all of the decisions you made!