What to Know About Selling Jewelry

Are you looking to make some money? You might have considered going to a pawn shop to sell your jewelry. Before you do, read ahead to learn what you need to know about selling jewelry.

Before you even visit a pawn shop make sure you’re certain about parting with the piece of jewelry. A family heirloom might be worth a lot of money, but you don’t want to have regrets about selling it.

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Once you pick out the jewelry you want to sell, take a few days to think it over. Anything you sell to a pawn shop will be more expensive to get back.

Get an appraisal for something that you know to be very expensive. If you have an item in the tens of thousands of dollars, don’t just take it right to a pawn shop. They might not know how valuable it truly is. Or, if they do, they’ll try to lowball you. Talk to a jewelry appraiser and get official documentation for high-priced items.

Be realistic about what you can get for your jewelry. While some prices may seem low, different things affect the worth of your jewelry. Don’t be discouraged if the price seems much lower than you expected. With these tips, you can feel comfortable selling your jewelry today.