What to Know Before Looking into a New Roof

This video shows Georgina Bisby, a Skillbuilder Editor, sharing the top tips and lessons learned about what to know before you get a new roof.

Roof Membrane- You should always make sure you have a reputable brand of roof membrane. It would be best if you source a breathable membrane from a roofing company near you. If you have a tile roof, each tile needs a fixing. Modern standards must be adhered to when fixing the tile to the roof.

Tile Batons- It is best to spend a little more to get a better grade of batons. Otherwise, they may be damaged and break easily.

Tile Headlap- Tile headlap is the spacing between each tile. This varies based on the type of roof. You want to ensure your roofer is not reducing the amount of space to save tiles. There is a recommended spacing amount.

Dry Fixings- These are hips, ridges, and verges. Modern standards call for mechanical fixings to be used. The edges of a roof need double fixings.

Make sure to know what you are getting into before you install a new roof. Find a reputable roof installation company near you to get the best deal and best quality of work.