What You Didnt Know About Grease Trap Cleaning

This video shows the proper way to clean a grease trap. In this video, the first step taken is to allow the water to run in the sink for a few seconds. You can proceed with an Allen key to unscrew the bolt keeping the grease trap cover in place on the floor. Then, lifts up the cover, and using an industrial vacuum hose, begin to suck up all of the liquid and grease in the trap. Now, you are able to fill up his bucket with water from the sink.

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Once about half of the liquid is sucked up by the hose, you can begin to use a scraper and scrape the sides of the grease trap. You will need to make sure to get all of the grease and particles contained in the trap. Then you are able to move the hose around to completely clean out the trap. Once you can begin to see the bottom, it is important to scrape it clean. There is a box on the side with a bolt-on it. When you are finished, dump the clean water in it to clean it out. These are the best ways to approach grease trap cleaning.