What You Didnt Know About Waste Management

At around 4 am, when the world is still asleep, Antwan and his fellow commercial drivers of waste management service are clocking in for their day shift. The team huddles together to plan their day and receive a safety briefing.

Shortly after, the drivers file out to their vehicles, consisting of both residential and commercial trucks.

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To ensure that they adhere to set regulations and carry out their duties as expected, they start their day with a vehicle inspection. Safety remains their key priority. Is everything OK? If so, the fleet rolls out to fulfill its core mandate and offers a waste management service to the residents.

The trucks utilize the advanced technology to guide their day-to-day operations. Whether it’s snowing in winter or scorching in summer, waste management services will be up and running. This is made possible by the in-cabin cameras that relay data from the road so the drivers know what to expect and prepare appropriately.

Waste management is a rigorous job. From the narrow streets to the congested roads, the drivers have to conquer them all, in addition to heavy lifting of the waste bags. Antwan* and his colleagues have carved their space in the industry, thanks to the training and mentoring they receive, and earned immense respect while at it.