Whats the Process of Laying Black Concrete?

The video,” How to Pour a BLACK CONCRETE Garage Floor,” illustrates the process of laying black concrete in a garage. Professional contractors usually do this work; the results are durable, long-lasting, and look great. Any homeowner can do it, and the results are equally impressive. The big question is how to lay black concrete in a garage or any other area of the home.

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Here is a list of essential steps to laying black concrete that is effective and efficient:

The first step is to prepare the area where you will lay the black concrete by scraping off all the existing finish and caulk. Typically, homeowners will scrape off the existing finish, caulk, mortar, paint, varnish, and any other contaminants under the surface. After scraping, you can use a pneumatic power tool to remove all loose material and debris underneath the concrete.

The next step is the first pour of the black concrete. This is the trickiest step because the concrete doesn’t have time to set yet, so you have to work quickly to ensure that it isn’t cracked or has voids while setting.

After that, let the concrete set up and cure before you start the second pour. You can leave the first pour out in the open air or put it in a garage with fans running to circulate air and accelerate the curing process. After the curing process, you can proceed to set your second pour.

The final step is the sealing process. If you are looking for a uniform color, apply the sealer over the entire surface. You can also apply different colors over the surface by using colored cement additives.