Funeral Costs Explained

This video shows Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company. They are a resource for final expenses and funeral education. As the funeral cost continues to increase, many people do not have the knowledge they need to make decisions that will save them money. They share details about the average funeral cost, federal laws, and benefits.

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As a result, it is common for families to overspend on the funeral cost. On-the-spot decisions must be made, and family members do not have the knowledge they need to make the best and most affordable decision.

The funeral law requires funeral providers to be transparent in their pricing and disclose their prices. This allows consumers to compare costs and not pay for services they do not need. This includes the ability to purchase a casket outside of the funeral home. They can also refuse to embalm where allowable by law. Cemetery plots, graves, and closing fees add to the funeral cost.

A funeral cost can cause a financial burden on the family. People often purchase life insurance to pay for bills after they die, so there is not a burden on the family. However, it can take quite some time before the life insurance pays out the money.